A Message to Our Families Regarding COVID-19:

Kurtz Memorial Chapel is classified under the Governor's executive order as an essential business & operation, and we WILL REMAIN OPEN to serve you.  Our funeral home has adopted the following safety precautions during the infectious pandemic of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus.


When our funeral home is notified that a death has occurred and has been requested to transfer your loved one from the place of death Kurtz Memorial Chapel will treat all places of death and persons present as potentially infectious.  Prior to our dispatch medical status questions will be asked to the in charge medical staff or surviving family members. Upon our arrival we will treat the environment as infectious and YOU will treat us as infectious.  We will be maintaining and executing social distancing and will require all people present to do the same.  After applying a topical disinfectant, we will transfer your loved one to the funeral home.


Prior to making arrangements at our funeral home, we will be asking our families to provide much of the needed information to us over the phone.  A funeral director will gather the pertinent information during a phone conference and you will be advised what to gather and bring to the funeral home.  An appointment will be made with the legal next-of-kin and the arrangement conference will be restricted to a maximum of 3 family members in total.  Although our facilities are maintained clean and are disinfected after each use, by doing this we reduce face to face contact and significantly reduce potential exposures as advised by the CDC and Department of Public Health.


We are taking every precaution to ensure our staff and facilities are kept safe.  In accordance with the guidelines by the CDC, Illinois Department of Public Health, President Trump’s directive, and the Governor’s executive order, we can only permit 50 people at a time in the funeral home to pay their respects.  All in attendance will be required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.  All non-immediate family who are invited to attend funeral home visitations will also conform to the safe number protocol.  Churches and Cemeteries are instituting their own set of guidelines per CDC regarding funerals.  The great many of them are also reserving attendance to only 50 people. To obtain specific up-to-date church and cemetery procedures, please contact them directly.

Kurtz Memorial Chapel will prepare an obituary on our website for everyone's services. Our funeral home encourages all family members and friends to view/sign the posted online obituary at www.kurtzmemorialchapel.com This will allow everyone the opportunity to express your sympathy and support to the bereaved.  We also recommend adding photos to the online obituary notice.  These postings will also allow family and friends to share in the moment as you gather whether in spirit or in person to honor loved ones.

Our funeral home protocols will remain in effect until modified or revoked.

We understand this is an extremely difficult life altering moment in time especially for those honoring the departed loved ones.  Please know we will do all we can to keep you, our staff, and our community protected.  Kurtz Memorial Chapel stands ready to serve your family in the same loving, caring, and respectful manner as we have always done.

Kurtz Memorial Chapel, Funeral Directors and Staff



Given the many questions we are asked daily regarding Visitations and Funerals, it is important to clarify our current protocols.  Kurtz Memorial Chapel has adopted the following procedures and policies per CDC and Public Health Department guidelines as of November 11, 2020, and these policies are in effect until further notice: *Please understand that these measures are designed out of love and care for all those in attendance, our funeral home staff, our community, and those that are most vulnerable at this time.

Visitations and Wakes at the Funeral Home

  • Visitation and Wakes with viewings will only be conducted when the body has been embalmed.
  • Visitation and Wakes can proceed with immediate family members, but should not exceed more than 50 people in attendance at any given time.
  • It is strongly recommended that no one from the most vulnerable population attend.
  • Wearing a mask is required and Social distancing (six feet) should be observed with attendees to sit or stand apart.
  • Care should be taken to provide comfort to the bereaved without physical contact.
  • No consumption or sharing of food on premises to prevent cross contamination.


  • Funerals can proceed  but should not exceed more than 50 people.
  • Services can be arranged to take place at the funeral home. 
  • It is strongly recommended that no one from a vulnerable population attend
  • Wearing a mask is required and Social distancing (six feet) should be observed with attendees to sit apart.
  • Care should be taken to provide comfort to the bereaved without physical contact.

Cemetery Committal

The committal of the body at all cemeteries can be done please refer to each cemeteries guidelines.  Wearing a mask is required  and Social distancing (six feet) should still be observed with attendees to stand apart.


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